Monday, February 23, 2015

My Favorite Maybelline Color Tattoos!

Maybelline's 'Color Tattoos' have got to be my favorite cream eyeshadows of all time. I have a few more of these but I thought I'd share my favorites that I think are musts to pick up. They're a great dupe for the MAC paint pots and for a percentage of the price. My recommendation would definitely be to apply it with a brush. I used to apply it with my finger and I didn't get the effect I was looking for, but with a brush I get a perfect flawless all over color or base to my eyes.

80 Creamy Beige

This is the leather formula meaning it gives a super natural and matte base. I love popping this on as a base under my eyeshadow because it provides a perfect base that just smooths out any discoloration while still adding definition.

25 Bad To The Bronze

Now for most of you hearing this color name is probably not a surprise. This is a very well loved color by many many people. It is a gorgeous bronze color that in a single sweep can give you a complete eye look, that being said it still looks beautiful underneath shadows for a more smokey look.

 70 Barely Branded

This is a perfect light shimmery color from the metal line that acts as a great all over color or a has a nice highlight to your inner corner. My favorite way to use this is to apply it all over the lid and had a subtle transition color into the crease for definition.

Left to Right:

Creamy Beige

Bad To The Bronze

Barley Branded

I hope you found this interesting and have some ideas for products you should pick up. If you have any other favorites from this line or have any other cream eyeshadows you love let me know down below!



  1. Love the creamy beige one. Can't wait to get one of it! :)

  2. I love the colour and textures of eyeshadows be it cream or not! But I don't use eye shadow (don't have the guts to!) haha :) But these colours look gorgeous! So I can only admire it through photos or by looking through in store but never buying them!


Images by Freepik