Sunday, February 7, 2016

Maybelline Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayon Review!

I'm a major fan of the original Maybelline Color Tattoos so I knew when these came out I had to pick a couple up. I  have a post up from last year where I talk about my favorite colors from that line, click here to see that post. I picked these up yesterday so this will be a pretty short review.

1. I love these! They're super similar to the original, but I find them to be even creamer and easier to blend which is a dream come true.

2. This is the ultimate lazy girl eyeshadow. It took me less than 30 seconds to apply this and it looks like you actually spent time on your makeup.

3. I'm currently on my tenth hour of wearing these for the first time and they haven't budged one bit, or creased in the slightest!

I picked up two colors. 'Barely Beige' is on the left and 'Bronze Truffle' is on the right.

 Left to Right: 'Barely Branded'(original), 'Barely Beige'(new), 'Bronze Truffle'(new), 'Bad to the Bronze'(original)
 I wanted to compare these to similar colors from the original line. I expected them to be very similar, but as you can see they actually have a nice difference. "Barely Beige' has much more of a golden undertone than it's original counterpart 'Barely Branded', and 'Bronze Truffle' has a warm undertone unlike 'Bad to the Bronze'.

Overall I think these are fantastic, and I'll definitely be picking more of these up in the future. These retail for $6.99USD at, but they're on sale for even cheaper at the moment! I bought mine at my local drugstore for $11.49CAD so I'd recommend checking online first!

Let me know down below if there's any other products you'd like me to review, or any posts you'd like to see!

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Images by Freepik